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West Hanover May Fair May 20th

The Event is from 3pm to 7pm at the West Hanover Recreation Center. DeAngelis Martial Arts Parents and Students, if you would like to help out at our table or in the demo please contact Sensei Jan or Sensei Rusty

West Hanover Community Day Sept. 10th 

The event is from 3pm-7pm.  We need DeAngelis Martial Arts Students  who would like to participate in the demo.  I am not sure what time the demo will be at this time.  Will update. 

National Night Out Tue. Aug. 1 Chocolate Town Square

Free Kids Karate Class Chocolate Town Square
Ages 5-7   10am-10:30am 
Ages 3-4   10:30am-11am 

July 8th 10am to 11am
and Aug. 26th 10 to 11am
Parents must be present and sign a waiver Thank you

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