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Battle in Hershey Open Martial Arts Tournament Tentative Date  Nov. 11th 

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Thank you to all the parents, students and Black Belts who participated in the parade. Special thanks to Jeff and Aly Tran for organizing the crew and making the artful discs. Thank you to the Bissonnette Family for all their help, driving skills, Truck and Wagon. Thank you to Jeff, Aly and Sensei Rita for their great martial arts display throughout the parade route. We all had a great night and so much fun! Special thanks to Derry Township Parks and Recreation for all their hard work in making the Parade possible and all the Officers throughout the parade rout. Last but not least thank you to all the people cheering us on throughout the parade route. Also thank you to Sensei Ximena and Sensei Hannah for keeping everyone together on the parade route.

2023 Hershey Halloween Parade

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