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Lil Dragons  Ages 3-4yrs  learn martial arts in this ongoing class. Parents must stay but do not need to participate. This class is for children who are ready to go at it alone in a class setting. Parents will be close by for support if needed. Children will learn many martial arts skills in this fun filled setting. 

Karate Tigers Ages 5-7yrs. Is an ongoing class that is side by side with the Lil Dragons so siblings can be together. We will learn all the basics  of martial arts plus the more traditional side such as katas. Safety & Life Skills, self defense. This is a fun filled class.   

Advanced Tigers Ages 5-7 - yrs. - This class is for students who are ready for


the more traditional part of martial arts, kata, sparring, one steps tournament skills and


more.  Our advanced tigers will work side by side with the Dragons class. This class will


follow the Dragons Schedule and must be approved by Head Instructors. 

Karate Dragons Ages 8-Adult Familes are welcome.  Classes consist of traditional


Martial Arts Sparring, one-steps, kata, self-defense, endurance and strength training. We


provide a full martial arts curriculum. Our style is Moo Duk Kwan Tan Soo Do. 

Martial Arts Weapons Classes: Follows Dragons class 

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