Free Martial Arts in the
Park & Demos Summer
July 15, 2017, Location:
Chocolate Town Park 21 W
Caracas Ave. Hershey, PA
10-11 am Martial Arts Work-out  
11-12P Kids Karate 3-5yrs.

July 22, 2017 Free Location:
Chocolate Town Park 21 W
Caracas Ave. Hershey, PA
10-11am Intro/  Padded Swords,
11-12P Women’s Self Defense

Aug. 19, 2017  Demo Location:
West Hanover Recreation
Center 628 Walnut Ave.
Harrisburg PA.
Time: 11:30am in the lower level.

Student Picnic July 29, 2017 at
Shank Park Sign up in class

Aug 7-11 8-12 PM Karate Camp
Sign up at the Hershey
Recreation Center 717-533-7138

Aug. 26 Breath of Nature

Oct. 17, 2017 Hershey
Halloween Parade

Nov. 11 Battle in Hershey

May 26th 2017
Congratulations to Mr. Gorty being
awarded his Black Belt. Welcome
to The DeAngelis Martial Arts
of Black Belts! Awesome test!! For
now we will miss you but will see
you soon!

May 25th 2017 Kids Table and
Demo at The Farmers Market of
Hershey. We had free games,
Color your own Super Hero Masks,
Super Hero Slap Bracelets and
more. We also preformed demos
and hope we created some
interest in the Martial Arts for all our
visitors! Special Thanks to Sensei
Ellen, Ms. Laura, Ms. Angela and
MR. M and Mr. H, and Master
DeAngelis as well. Can't wait for
next year!

May 15, 2015  Members 1st Health
Fair & May 18, 2017 Lunch &
Learn Self Defense Demo. Thanks
to Sensei Adam White for all his
help & for suggesting us!  Thanks
to Ms. Laura and Sensei Sharon &
Sensei Ellen for all of their help as

May 20, 2017 Demo at the
Hershey Home Town Hero's
Community Day at The Chocolate
Town Park! Thanks to all the
students who visited us and who
participated in this demo and info
table. It was a cold day but we
made it through!
Special Past Events