Placement of Patches on Gi (uniform)
Right Side
Left Side
Terms used in class:

Cha Ryut (cherriup) :  
Come to attention
Kyung: Bow
Muk Nyum: Meditation
Ba Ro (boro): Return
Ahn Jo: Sit Down
Joon Be: Ready Stance
Basic: Gi Cho
Form: Hyung

Moo Duk Kwan: Institute of
Martial Virtue
Moo: Stop War
Duk: Negotiation
Kwan: Home/School
Horse Stance: Ke Ma
Fighting Stance: Hu Gul
New Student Test Information and Form Information
Testing Dates and Times are decided
by the Head Instructors ONLY!  We will do our
best to instruct you in class but you will need to
practice at the very least three times a week to
stay on track. Upper belts should be practicing
at least 5 times a week.  "Practice does not
make perfect,

Students are not to request their test date they
may ask what can I do to improve myself or
what can I do to get ready for my test date.  
Dates are determined by Sensei Jan and
Sensei Bob ONLY!

Test dates will be around every 6 weeks or
longer. We will notify you with a test slip when
you are ready for testing.  Lower Belt Testing is
$25 per test.  Black Belt Testing is $160
(Certificate, Belt and Jacket is awarded when
student passes the Black Belt  test)
Testing fees are payable to Robert DeAngelis
Counting in Korean:
1   HANA     
2   DUL        
3   Set
4   Net         
5   DASUT (Da-soot)      
6   YASUT (Ya-soot)     
7   ILGUP  (Ill-gup)    
8   YUDOL (Yo-Duel)    
9   AHOPE (Ah-hope)    
10 YUL (Yole)

1st   IL (Ill): First
2nd  E (Ea): Second
3rd   SAM (Saum): Third
4th   SA (Sah): Fourth
5th   O (Oh): Fifth
6th   YUK (You-k): Sixth
7th   CHIL (Chi-l): Seventh
8th    PAL (Pol): Eighth
9th    GOO: Ninth
10th  SIP (Ship): Tenth
Name of Katas to Black Belt

White Belt (Basic Forms)
Gi Cho Hyung IL Boo (Basic Form 1)
Gi Cho Hyung Ee Boo (BasicForm 2)

Yellow Belt White Stripe
Gi Cho Hyung Sam Boo (Basic Form 3)

Yellow Belt Solid
Pyung Ahn Cho Dan Hyung (Form 4)

Green Belt White Stripe
Pyung Ahn EE Dan Hyung (Form 5)

Green Belt Solid
Pyung Ahn Sam Dan Hyung (Form 6)

Blue Belt White Stripe
Pyung Ahn Sa Dan Hyung (Form 7)

Blue Belt Solid
Pyung Ahn Oh Dan Hyung (Form 8)

Brown Belt
Ba Sa Hee Hyung (Form 9)

1st degree Dan
Ship Soo (Jin Thwe) Hyung also pronounced
(Shin Te